About SPADE Indexes

SPADE Indexes develops benchmarks that measure the performance that the markets ascribe to economic sectors and regional economies. Adhering to strict financial standards and rules, SPADE Indexes are designed to meet best index industry practices including transparency and impartiality. Products are developed and maintained to serve as the underlying index for exchange traded funds and other financial products.

• A license is required for institutions that offer index-linked financial product(s).

• Licenses are also required by organizations selling commercial products tracking or based upon this Index.

• Parties interested in licensing an existing index or have a new, custom index created should contact ScottSacknoff at Tel: (202) 349-3917 or via email at: info @ spadeindex.com

• A license is not required for media use in articles or by companies seeking a benchmark to compare their performance with that of the index in press releases, annual reports, or in other regulatory documents.

Sector Indexes
Index Name   Index Ticker      ETF Licensor ETF Ticker
SPADE Defense Index
  Powershares Aerospace & Defense ETF

Regional Indexes
Index Name   Index Ticker     ETF Licensor ETF Ticker
SPADE Oklahoma Index
SPADE Texas Index